Espressole Caffe

You'll find a delicious new menu with salads, soups, breakfast burritos, sandwiches and more, all prepared with fresh ingredients in our own kitchen every weekday.

Lunch stops at 2PM, so be sure to stop by before then and try something different for lunch!

Featured Signature Beverage: The El Diablo Mocha

Espressole Special

The El Diablo Mocha is made using our house-made Dark Chocolate Sauce, just a dash of Cayenne Pepper (ask for more if you want it extra spicy!), Espresso shots, and Milk of your choice.

Featured Menu: International Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich

Espressole Special Curry chicken salad with lettuce, tomatoes, served on a fresh-baked croissant

Enjoy our house-made Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich served on a fresh-baked croissant with Romaine Lettuce and sliced tomatoes. The chicken salad is made with our toasted curry spice blend, Granny Smith Apples, dried Cranberries, diced Chicken Breast, minced Red Onion, minced Jalapeno, and just enough mayonnaise to keep it moist. Try it on a bed of greens instead of a croissant as a gluten-free option.

Includes a bag of chips